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Westernport House

Front Entry Front Entry Trevor Mein

Sally Draper Architects

Victoria Entries 2011

The Westernport House is located on a treed cliff top site overlooking Westernport Bay. Using a textured palette of timber and stone, it celebrates the idea of retreat, relaxation and a ‘simpler life’ for a busy Melbourne family.

The house is developed as a layered series of rectilinear forms in finely detailed Blackbutt and Ironbark. On the street side they overlap to provide a protective secretive outer skin to the house. To the rear they are carved out to create a series of courtyards and deck spaces, enmeshing the internal and external environments of the house and site.

The weathered timber exterior of the house is complemented by the rich interiors. Exposed Victorian Ash ceiling framing and lining boards are finished in a soft liming wash. Recycled Wandoo reclaimed from a West Australian woolshed is dressed for floors and joinery and used in its raw state for the giant window seat which looks towards the sea.

The outside kitchen forms the heart of the house with huge stone fireplace and deck area sheltered by the textured underside of the Ironbark deck above.

The house provides an intentionally calm and still backdrop to the activity within, the raw earthy palette of timber and stone enriching the composition with a tactile sense of texture and craft.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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