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Kingaroy Crematorium

 Main Chapel Main Chapel John Mainwaring

JMA Architects

Queensland Entries 2011

The site is a rambling, rural setting on the out skirtsof Kingaroy, adjacent to the historic Taadinga Cemetery. The timber industry was an intrinsic part of the early European history of the area.Contributing to the 90% sustainability requirement of the brief, plantation products have been used throughout.

On approach, down the poplar tree lined avenue, the building subtly folds out of fields of yellow and green,floating amidst an ‘oasis like’ pocket of eucalypths. The integrity of landscape integration avoided the tendency towards superficiality and ‘iconic’ intrusion. Therefore, the warmth and emotive value oftimber was relied on as an important ingredient of the architecture, contributing to the environmental sanctity and contemplation experience for the rural populace. Timber provided the character within and without the uilding. This, combined with the surrounding native and heritage avenue trees provides a sense of rural identity and ‘farmyard’ imagery.

The non-denominational ceremonial spaces, inside and out, reinterprets the ‘bush chapel’ vernacular. Timber ply wall cladding, wooden trim and part timber floors have been used throughout the interior. Expressed timber structural components have been used externally, internally, within the ‘inside/outside’ spaces and covered ways. Composite external cladding includes cedar chamfer boards. Translucent corrugated clerestories naturally enlighten the interior hall with large plantation timber retractable doors opening generously onto protected outdoor gathering spaces, thoroughfares and lawn. Contributing to the rural character,the timber components sit within an endemic landscape adjacent to surrounding fields with little modification to existing land form.Together with the administrative and consultation component, the use of timber within the ‘public’ zone helps the separation from the non public utilitarian ‘service and process’ zone.
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2011 Entries

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