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Arriving At Sanura Arriving At Sanura BRETT BROADMAN

Queensland Entries 2012

Sanura is a culmination of the client’s admiration of South East Asian Pavilions with their seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living space and that of the designer’s vision of fitting this model to the Australian landscape upon which the home would be perched.
Designed with the direction of the sun and prevailing breeze in mind, Sanura blends the comforts of modern design with the timeless elegance of wood and stone to ensure a harmonious equilibrium between natural and man-made elements.
Although the project encompasses a large area, it has been designed as a collection of intimate living spaces that blend indoor and outdoor areas effortlessly while also providing absolute privacy from the remainder of the 420 acre health retreat that surrounds it.
To achieve this sense of protection and privacy, we used the existing steepness of the site within which to nestle the house. Split levels allowed for the design to follow the flow of the land, while each space was oriented to frame the magical landscape beyond.
Recognising that this was to become the retreat owner’s residence, we approached the architectural design with a desire to create a building that juxtaposed resort style luxury with that of a warm and welcoming homestead which would become a haven away from the surrounding business.
Creative spatial planning, innovative structural engineering and an inspiring materials pallet are the quintessential elements we have employed which have resulted in the success of this project and thus our client’s home.
Having previously worked with Salvage and their unbelievable resources of Australian reclaimed hardwood timbers originating from local wharfs, bridges and old buildings, it became obvious that these would form the main building and finishing materials for our design and construction.
Wire brushed ironbark recycled from bridge girders from Western Queensland were used for the cladding of the exposed structural roof members. These members were set against the rich background of the ceiling, lined with a blend of salvaged ironbark and spotted gum, re-milled and kiln dried.
This ceiling treatment was mirrored on the floor using the same timber in 130mm wide boards coated to catch the sunlight flowing through the large windows, capturing and framing the surrounding views and intertwining the inside with the outside. The timber floor smoothly transitions to the external sandstone spa deck of the winter and summer courtyards.
All door and window joinery was crafted from reclaimed karri from demolished wool stores, while certified plantation timbers from central NSW were used throughout the timber framing of the house.
Timber in the form of veneer, namely jarrah crown cut and supplied by Briggs was used extensively throughout the kitchen, bathrooms, office and other joinery items.
Timber artefacts collected from South East Asia by the client were inventively used throughout the residence in the form of doors, partitions or artworks, creating as an interesting fusion with the reclaimed Australian timbers.
The use of such timbers gives the architecture a character as rich and warm as the deep red brown hues of the timber itself and as captivating as the stories of the origins of the timber salvaged.
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  • Residential Class New Buildings
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