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Flipped House

Kitchen1 Kitchen1 Willem Rethmeier

Marsh Cashman Koolloos Architects

NSW & ACT Entries 2011

The "Flipped House" was designed to reflect on and replace an existing 1960's house featuring strong use of timber.

The Flipped House was strategically designed to incorporate greater use of timber in areas of greater human activity. Timber has been detailed into the design specifically where in comes into human touch and specifically to exploit the visual texture and warmth of timber. The core of the house is the Kitchen / Dining zone which features timber floors, timber walls, timber veneer joinery and timber ceilings.

Timber was integrated into the front fence and garage door at street level to soften the heavy stone and concrete frontage. A floating timber horizontal frame structure articulates the heavy stone front elevation, and creates a visual gesture of what is to come.

Timber re-appears underfoot in the form of a deck just prior to the user entering the home. The front door is a feature patterned timber design to mimic the design of a timber front door from the owner's childhood home.

Upon entry the user is greeted with a timber box that acts to screen the inner workings of the house, and the backyard beyond. This box incorporates a concealed timber powder room, secret storage and a timber stair that appears to have been carved out from it also.

Within the core, the kitchen space is defined by this timber entry box, a timber veneer joinery box, and a floating first floor timber bedroom box. Timber is re-introduced into the design as balustrades, timber decks and as a feature external timber shower within the garden, as a means of generating a sense a warmth and durability to the various functions.

It is the balanced use of timber throughout the Flipped House that genuinely make it a home of warmth, texture and character.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011
  • Timber Panels, 2011
  • Wood Veneers, 2011
  • Australian Certified Timber, 2011

2011 Entries

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