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Entering the Australian Timber Design Awards
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Who may enter?

Entry is open to architects, builders, building designers, engineers, and students. That is, to anyone involved in the design or building of suitable architectural structures or elements.

Where the original design concept provider is not the entrant, please nominate who the original concept designer (company) is. And if the designer is from two or more companies, please provide their details as well. If you are not the original designer or if the design was a collaborative effort, please also consider that they may have entered as well. Please check with them to ensure that two entries have not been made (where two entries are received for the same project, the entrants will be asked to combine the entry and to determine how the designers are to be acknowledged).

What may be entered?

Entries must be based on projects that make significant use of timber. Projects must be architectural structures or elements of architectural structures; this may include furniture or joinery.

Suitable projects include new buildings, alterations and additions, renovations, interior fit-outs, landscaping and standalone timber structures such as bridges, foreshore developments or sculptures. Furniture and/or joinery may be entered into the Furniture and Joinery category. See the list of entry categories on page 2 of this guideline.

Entries must NOT have a project completion date of more three years over the start date of the Awards competition. For the 2016 Australian Timber Design Awards (17th Awards) this meant that projects entered needed a completion date of before 1 July 2013 nonetheless project completion dates of up to the competition's close of entries date (ie. 30 June 2016) were acceptable.

Projects have to be located in Australia, nonetheless as from the 2016 competition with a new International Project category opened there is the opportunity for overseas based projects to be submitted but these need to have been produced and/or managed by an Australian firm.

A project that has previously been entered into the Australian Timber Design Awards may be entered again. It may not, however, be considered for any entry category into which it was previously submitted.

Entry Procedure

The procedure has three parts:
  1. Register and pay the project entry fee online.
  2. Once registration and payment are completed, a tailored questionnaire will be emailed to you detailing project information required for your chosen category or categories. The questionnaire is to be filled out and submitted with low-res images by the closing date (this information will be used for the judging process).
  3. Submit high-res images by mail (these images are for the presentation night and Awards magazine).

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