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Boat House

Rear view Rear view Michael Brand

Irons McDuff Architecture

Victoria Entries 2011

Based and proportioned on the existing boat houses now ingrained in the local vernacular, this house is formed as two timber gables stepped in height, with a glazed recessed stair well between and single pods to the south for utilities. The scale maintains optimum timber spans and framing techniques to achieve an economical structure. The cladding types include the use of horizontal ship lap cladding to reinforce the principle forms, while the dark stained plywood panels were used as a device where the forms had been cut. The horizontal cladding which continues in simple strap form as balustrade and screening, is sugar gum sourced from the regenerative timbers of the Western District is simply stained to allow it to naturally weather and patina overtime. Not only does it further engage itself within its context of the adjacent rural lands beyond as a sort of faded timber shed, but also suggests a more contemporary treatment of a traditional craft. The stained SHADOWclad Texture appears as simple flat panels with timber straps over, again removing the need for maintenance of a painted dwelling.

Working with the engineer, reclaimed ironbark posts were sourced as a structurally robust and highly durable support to the structure above and providing an integrated carport and support balconies to front and rear. The stair recess, is fully glazed with Western Red Cedar windows, selected for its capacity for durability in a sea side , again without the need for a paint finish.

The external timber cladding continues internally to the stair, reinforcing the distinction of the forms and providing a relaxed, textural quality to the interior. Further interior use of timber continues in the Blackbutt stairs with timber handrails and balustrades, recycled messmate floors and a painted timber lined ceiling to the upper bedroom.
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  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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